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Our Process

Our initial planning process with new clients starts with three steps:

Initial Meeting

In this meeting, we get to know you and intensely listen to your goals. We will ask questions to understand your situation and review any documents you bring. We will agree to the scope of work and set expectations for each other.

Analysis Meeting

In this meeting, we will confirm the goals we heard are accurate. We will review projections and your current financial path, stress testing it to identify the gaps, blind spots, and mismatched risk management. We will also evaluate your current investment strategies.

Recommendation Meeting

In this meeting, we will educate you on what we’ve found throughout the process. We will provide you with a consolidated financial plan along with specific, actionable recommendations and solutions to optimize your financial future.

From there, we move to implementation which might span weeks to years. We follow up with regular review meetings to ensure plan is working as intended and to adjust as your life changes.


We know that a great analysis and plan is worthless if it is not implemented. Once you are in agreement, our team takes over to implement each of the recommendations. Our goal is to provide a roadmap that makes it easy to implement each phase of your financial plan.

Future Reviews

Implementing a plan is terrific, but we know your life changes. We meet with you regularly to update the data supporting your plan and re-run the analysis based on any changes to your goals and recommend adjustments to help keep you on track.